Pierre Bastien – Quiet motors

Studio M RTV Vojvodine
„Discretion: it’s the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Pierre Bastien, although he is an internationally active French musician since 40 years now. From free improvisation and the inventive jazz scene to electronic circles, Pierre Bastien is a musician and an artist whose unique creative grid gives him the liberty of working at the edge of different scenes.
The music device of Pierre Bastien, articulated around traditional instruments, engines, objects and paper, is at the crossroads of scholarly and popular music. Scholarly because the territory of Pierre Bastien is first of all a literary one, fed by surrealism and every literature which, from André Breton to Raymond Roussel, from poems drawn by Francis Picabia to the imaginary countries of Henri Michaux, operates in its own way a reversal of reality. But also popular, because the instrumental tunes taking place there and the poetic spaces thus opened, relate to the part of childhood wonder, from traditional African music to primitive jazz of Joe King Oliver, passing by musical gestures by artists such as Moondog, peculiar and outstanding“.

2K+ Ensemble @TheQuartet

Enno Poppe / Holz / clarinet and ensamble
Klaus Lang / Ägäische eisberge / viola
José M. Sanchez-Verdu / Arquitecturas de la sombra / percussion
Slobodan Kajkut / Glue sniffer / e-viola
Ljubomir Nikolić / The soul divinity / ensamble, electronics and dance
2K+ ansambl:
Horia Dumitrache / clarinet
Dimitrios Polisoidis / viola
Kaja Farszky / percussion
Hanan Hadžajlić / flute
Milica Tomić / flute
Filip Orlović / saxophone
Nemanja Sovtić / trombone
Dunja Crnjanski / piano
Milana Bjelobaba / violin
Milica Svirac / violoncello
Mikica Jevtić / conductor
Saša Krga / dancer
Marija Balubdžić Umbra

2K+ quintet

City Hall
Slobodanka Bobana Dabović / Dijalog
Svetozar Nešić / Quintetness
Jelena Dabić / Green arabesque
Marko Dulić / Sky & Sea
Đorđe Marković / (k)lang
Stanislava Gajić / Kolo

2K+ quintet:
Lydia Kneip / flute
Vasa Vučković / clarinet
Vladimir Ćuković / violin
Milica Svirac / violoncello
Dragana Kuzmanović, Darko Dimitrijević / accordion

Post industrial boys

Club KC Utopia
Post-Industrial Boys is a band from Georgia, formed by George Dzodzuashvili (aka Gogi Dzodzuashvili) and seven voices, mostly female, who verbalize George’s electronic pop compositions. The sound reflects the post-communist context from the urban Georgia and is part of Goslab, a virtual collective dedicated to cultural interventions.

David Fennessy

Studio M RTV Vojvodine
Morton Feldman / Palais de Mari / piano
David Fennessy / ppp / ensemble
2K+ Ensamble:
Dunja Crnjanski / piano
Horia Dumitrache / bass clarinet 
Péter Szücs / bass clarinet
Bogdan Bikicki / bass clarinet
Vladimir Blagojević / accordion
Vladimir Bogdanović / violoncello
David Fennessy / el. guitar, autoharp

Đorđe Marković

Vojvodina Institute for Culture
String quartet / string quartet
Subsurface / tenor saxophone, percussion, piano and el. guitar
Sergej Šapovalov / violin
Sonja Novčić / violina
Andras Tot / viola
Milica Svirac / violoncello
Srđan Paunović / tenor saxophone
Ivan Burka / percussion
Marina Džukljev / piano
Đorđe Marković / el. guitar