Ernő Király

Kulturna stanica: Svilara
Ernő Király / Actiones (1978)
Ernő Király / Variations on letter B, tablephone
Richard Barrett / Codex XXI in memory Ernő Király (2019)
Katalin Ladik / Music for strings (2007/2012)
Ernő Király / Sonata Geometrica (1977)
Ernő Király / Black and white, to Kandinsky (1986)
Ernő Király / Phoenix (1990)
Ernő Király / Sonetto 114 (1999), tape: Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer
Ansambl Studio6 + Ladik Katalin + Zsolt Sőrés
Ladik Katalin / voice, tablephone
Zsolt Sőrés / viola, citraphone
Milana Zarić / harfa, citraphone
Nenad Marković / trumpet
Richard Barrett / elektronics

4 choirs // David Lang

Novi Sad Synagogue
Ubi Caritas / Ola Gjeilo
Into the Woods / Daniel E. Gawthrop
Pater meus / Antonin Tucapsky
Morning star / Arvo Pärt
Res miranda:
There is no rose / Joshua B. Himes
Duvaj vetre, gorjanine / Aleksandar Alić
Novosadski kamerni hor:
The Little Match Girl Passion / David Lang
Mušket / conductor: Vuk Milanović
Sion / conductor: Ljubomir Milanović
Res miranda / conductor: Dunja Huzjan
Novosadski kamerni hor / conductor: Božidar Crnjanski

The Black Page Orchestra

Studio M

Elena Rykova / 101% mind uploading
(for 3 performers)
Mirela Ivicevic / Scarlett Songs
(for percussion and electronics)
Matthias Kranebitter / Dead Girl (Requiem E)
(for flute, e-guitar and electronics)
Mikolaj Laskowski / Oh, To Rub The Waxy Bhudda
(for piano, percussion and 2 samplers)
Alessandro Baticci / Mr.DMA
(for contrabass flute, e-guitar and percussion)

The Black Page Orchestra:
Alessandro Baticci / flute
Kaja Farszky / percussion
Felix Pöchhacker / e-guitar
Alfredo Ovalles / keyboard
Matthias Kranebitter / electronics, keyboard

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

Studio M
Polyphonic solo percussion.
As a solo artist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi produces sounds of orchestral proportions merely by the dexterity of his two hands. His playing technique coupled with the broad spectrum of overtones allow for the simultaneous playing of polyrhythmic beats, sophisticated melodies, and polyphonic compositions.
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi / daf, tombak

NONmusic for NONinstruments

Museum for Contemporary Art Vojvodina
Jessie Marino / Commitment :: Ritual I :: BiiM
Brigitta Muntendorf / Yes master
Aleksander Gabrys / Metakarawane
Djordje Markovic / Interference II
Vinko Globokar / ?Corporel
Performed by:
Kaja Farszky
Aleksander Gabrys
Dunja Crnjanski
Filip Djurovic
Nemanja Sovtic
Zeljka Jakovljevic
Nina Putnik
Andreja Kargacin

Kakaliagou / Schmoliner

Vojvodina Institute for Culture
Ingrid Schmoliner / prepared piano, voice
Elena Kakaliagou / english horn, voice
The duo Kakaliagou/Schmoliner presents the LP „Nabelóse“, a composed song circle based on folk tunes and tales from Greece and the Alpine area, interspersed with extended techniques on the piano, the horn and voice.

beat the odds

Elisabeth Coudoux (Koln) – cello
Ricardo Jacinto (Lisbon) – cello
Félicie Bazelaire (Paris) – contrabass
Pascal Niggenkemper (Paris) – contrabass
Music for two cellos and two contrabasses whose strings are hit by a lever (sort of propeller). The variable speed motor is controlled by a foot pedal. Pulsating organisms (beats), sustained sounds (drones) and the personal musical language of each of the four musicians create a fascinating world of sound

Aleksander Gabrys / contrabass

Vojvodina Institute for Culture
Michel Roth / Kavalkade
Thomas Wally / Soliloquy III: polypolar dancing drone bass bear. 131 Fragmente*
Ryszard Gabrys / An die Freude
Iannis Xenakis / Theraps
Zbigniew Karkowski / Studio Varese
*world premiere, supported by the Federal Chancellery Austria and the SKE-Fonds

Burnt Friedman LIVE

Studio M
“It‘s as if he has tapped into the pulse of the Earth itself in a way no one else has. By himself or in partnerships with Jaki Leibezeit of Can, and more, German artist/musician/producer Burnt Friedman has carved a unique and indescribable place for himself in the modern electronic scene through his subversive and challenging style and mastery of rhythmic languages.” 


dom B-612
HYPER FUZZ feat. Cyrill Lim
John Psathas (1966* NZ) / Drum dances I & III (1993)
Interlude 1
Nicolas von Ritter-Zahony (1986* CH) / Boire (2016)
Interlude 2
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007 DE) / Nasenflügeltanz (1983/90)
Interlude 3
Julien Mégroz (1986* CH) / Indigne de nous (2016)
Interlude 4
Gilles Grimaître (1988* CH) / Boulezisdead (2016)
Frank Zappa (1940-1993 USA) /The black page (1976), version for drum-kit, keyboard & electronic
(Electronic interludes by Cyrill Lim)
Gilles Grimaître – keyboard
Julien Mégroz – percussion