dom B-612
HYPER FUZZ feat. Cyrill Lim
John Psathas (1966* NZ) / Drum dances I & III (1993)
Interlude 1
Nicolas von Ritter-Zahony (1986* CH) / Boire (2016)
Interlude 2
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007 DE) / Nasenflügeltanz (1983/90)
Interlude 3
Julien Mégroz (1986* CH) / Indigne de nous (2016)
Interlude 4
Gilles Grimaître (1988* CH) / Boulezisdead (2016)
Frank Zappa (1940-1993 USA) /The black page (1976), version for drum-kit, keyboard & electronic
(Electronic interludes by Cyrill Lim)
Gilles Grimaître – keyboard
Julien Mégroz – percussion

Ensemble Restriction

Vojvodina Institute for Culture
Đorđe Marković – Monohromi (2015)
Erne Kiralj – Flora 2, Flora 3 (1978)
Đorđe Marković – Interference II (2015)
Christian Wolff – Prose Collection: For Jill, Play (1969)
Dunja Crnjanski / piano
Nemanja Sovtić / trombone
Filip Đurović / percussion
Vasa Vučković / clarinet
Milan Milojković / electronics

Down the Rabbit Hole

Vojvodina Institute for Culture
Thierry de Mey (1956) – Musique de table, 1980
Simon Steen-Andersen (1976) – Difficulties putting it into practice, 2007
Svetozar Nešić (1982) – Lullatron, 2017
Léo Collin (1990) – mayday, 2016
Down the Rabbit Hole:
Filipa Botelho / clarinet
Kaja Farszky / percussion
Hanna Kölbel / violoncello

2K+1/4 Quarter tonal music

Novi Sad City Hall
Ivan Wyschnegradsky / Preludes in quarter-tones no.3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 23 / 2 pianos
Vladimir Korać / oort cloud / saxophone and percussion
Svetozar Nešić / Pseudocide / saxophone, 2 qaurter tonal tuned pianos, el. guitar, violin and violoncello
Đorđe Marković / instabilitas / 2 qaurter tonal tuned pianos, el. guitar, violin and violoncello
2K+ Ensamble:
Dunja Crnjanski / piano (442Hz)
Milica Ćosić / piano (430Hz)
Srđan Paunović / saxophone
Darko Karlečik / percussion
Stevan Radivojević / el. guitar
Milana Bjelobaba / violin
Milica Svirac / violoncello

2K+ Ensemble @Studio M

Studio M RTV Vojvodine
David Bennett / Carla / alt flute
John Luther Adams / Red Arc/Blue Veil / vibraphone/crotales, piano and electronics
Alvin Lucier / Silver street car for the orchestra / triangle
Kaija Saariaho / Lichtbogen / 9 musicians and live electronics
2K+ Ensamble:
Marija Pilipović / flute
Kaja Farszky / percussion
Milena Stanišić / harp
Dunja Crnjanski / piano
Milana Bjelobaba / violin
Luna Kostadinović / violin
Aleksandra Kijanović / viola
Aleksandra Lazin / violoncello
Svetozar Nešić / electronics
Yalda Zamani / conductor


pre-art soloists

Museum of contemporary art Vojvodina
Stefan Wirth  / Lieux
Marijana Janevska  / Transfiguration
Matko Brekalo  / identification<changeability>stagnation
Michel Roth  / Die Zunge des Gletschers / contrabass
Matthias Arter  / Medusa, Fuga a 5 voci
Vinko Globokar / Septuor pour 13 sources
pre-art soloists:
Boris Previšić / flute
Mathias Arter / oboe, lupophone
Rafael Camenisch / saxophone
Vladimir Blagojević / accordeon
Gilles Grimaitre / piano
Tobias Moster / violoncello
Aleksander Gabrys / contrabass

Ensemble ELISION

Studio M RTV Vojvodine
Matthew Sergeant / [Terrains] (2016) / solo quarter-tone flugelhorn with preparation
Timothy McCormack / Heavy Matter (2012) / solo trombone
Aaron Cassidy / The wreck of former boundaries (20015) / electric lap steel guitar with electronics
Evan Johnson / Apostrophe 2 (pressing down on my sternum) (2009) / quarter-tone flugelhorn and alto trombone.
Richard Barrett / Lens (2012/14) / electric lap steel guitar and quarter-tone flugelhorn
Richard Barrett / Codex III (2003) / four players.
Daryl Buckley / electric lap-steel guitar
Ben Marks / trombone
Peter Neville / percussion
Tristram Williams / flugelhorn
Richard Barrett / live electronics

Marija Pilipović – flutist

Vojvodina Institute for Culture
Đorđe Marković / 3 studije za flautu i izvođača
Sara Glojnarić / Not There Yet
Lojze Lebič / Aprilske vinjete
Urška Pompe / Much ado about Nothing
Slobodan Kajkut / Harassment
Svetozar Nešić / Alter fuego
Ljubomir Nikolić / Arche I, II, III

Pierre Bastien – Quiet motors

Studio M RTV Vojvodine
„Discretion: it’s the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Pierre Bastien, although he is an internationally active French musician since 40 years now. From free improvisation and the inventive jazz scene to electronic circles, Pierre Bastien is a musician and an artist whose unique creative grid gives him the liberty of working at the edge of different scenes.
The music device of Pierre Bastien, articulated around traditional instruments, engines, objects and paper, is at the crossroads of scholarly and popular music. Scholarly because the territory of Pierre Bastien is first of all a literary one, fed by surrealism and every literature which, from André Breton to Raymond Roussel, from poems drawn by Francis Picabia to the imaginary countries of Henri Michaux, operates in its own way a reversal of reality. But also popular, because the instrumental tunes taking place there and the poetic spaces thus opened, relate to the part of childhood wonder, from traditional African music to primitive jazz of Joe King Oliver, passing by musical gestures by artists such as Moondog, peculiar and outstanding“.