2K+ 2021


Within the project Program 2K+, a rich repertoire of contemporary art and electronic music awaits us during the fall, at the permanent anti-festival 2K+. As in the previous seven years, the program will include performances by domestic and foreign authors, performers, ensembles and collectives in the field of contemporary classics and electronics, and always with a repertoire of 21st century music, at various locations in Novi Sad.

The autumn will be opened by the Austrian collective Ventil label, which will perform at CK13 on September 11, starting at 8 p.m. In addition to this, performances by accordionist Branko Džinović, who performs new works by Serbian composers for solo accordion, and then with a similar project by the duo Darko Karlečik and Petar Popović (percussion and flute), while in the field of electronic music we expect Andrew Parker from Germany. Laurent Bigot from France, with their own programs.

The central event will be the official promotion of the 2K + ensemble on November 3, 2021, on the chamber stage of the Serbian National Theater. The program will include pieces by Bernhard Lang, an eminent Austrian composer, and Francesca Verunelli, winner of the Siemens Composition Award in 2020. The ensemble will be led by conductor Jean-Bernard Matter, while the soloist will be Marko Dzomba, a saxophonist from Novi Sad, who has been living and working in Vienna for years. Many Novi Sad instrumentalists will be members of the ensemble, and the guests in the ensemble will be members of the Studio 6 ensemble: Nenad Markovic (trumpet), Milana Zaric (harp) and Vladimir Blagojevic (accordion).

Bernhard Lang’s composition Loops for Al Jourgensen is part of his series of compositions Loops and was written for alto saxophone and ensemble (clarinet, trumpet, horn, drums, piano, electronics, violin, cello and double bass) and was completed in 2014, while the work 5 songs (Kafka’s syrens) by Francesca Verunelli, created in 2016, and written for a large ensemble (bass clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, accordion, percussion, mandolin, guitar, harp, cello and double bass). Both compositions will be premiered in Serbia.